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Hi, I'm Chris

Here's a little about me

I started life with a bang - I was born with the genetic trait of a Highly Sensitive Person, addicted to amphetamines that were prescribed to prevent miscarriage. My mother didn't understand substance withdrawal syndrome, and that didn't go so well. 

I grew up in a traumatizing environment that was violent and negligent. From this, I became a leader as a child. I continued my leadership in the corporate world. I experienced a devastating loss that was the impetus that changed my whole life. This led to my healing process as a Highly Sensitive Person with Complex PTSD, and to development of my holistic, intuitive professional practice for healing, relationships, and leadership.

I am absolutely passionate about my work. If you have found me by word of mouth, or are a follow of my Social Media content, you may have noticed that my style is intuitive, empathetic and proactive. Ready to take your life to a new level? Let's talk.

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I got here

I am an Intuitive Coach, trained and certified in numerous healing modalities, including hypnosis. I personally learned from and worked with Thomas Leonard, the founder of professional Life Coaching. I was a founding member of Leonard's Graduate School of Coaching, after he founded the International Coaching Federation. 

Over the years, I've helped save relationships in crisis, helped clients find their ideal partner, helped couples heal and optimize their relationships, and have helped people accelerate their healing process, and step into the empowerment, peace and great love that they were meant to have

I've worked with groups, teams and leaders from management to C-Level from many companies and organizations including: Nasa, JP Morgan Chase, Boeing, Mayo Clinic, Motorola, Wells Fargo, Wachovia Bank, Banner Health Hospitals, Arizona State University, REmax, SRP, State Farm Insurance, Southwest Airlines, American Friends Service Committee, Wellness Community in Phoenix, Kimberly Clark, Advance Cardiac Specialists, Arizona Department of Corrections, Judicial Officers, the Armed Forces and more.

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I work with

I work virtually with people all over the world. My specialties are:

Highly Sensitive Person

High Sensitive People 

Work with clients with Sensory Processing Sensitivity (the clinical term) to manage their lives as HSPs - rather than non-HSPs; for nervous system regulation; and to utilize their unique gifts. 

Complex Trauma Recovery

Complex Trauma Recovery

Trauma-informed practitioner, helping clients make progress in their recovery so they can have more peace and control, to realize their potential and optimum quality of life.



Helping clients get results in these areas:
- Recovering relationships from crisis mode
- Improving the health and bond of relationships
- Healing from previous relationships and finding the most compatible partner.

Women Leaders


Helping clients along their journey of becoming better leaders and creating desired results. Some of the areas of work are: better self-advocacy, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, confidence-building and stress management.


Speaking Engagements or Programs

Contact us for information on booking Chris for speaking engagements or special group programs.


Some topics include:

  • Customized Individual or Group Leadership Development
  • High Sensitivity
  • Relationship Essentials for Lasting Love
  • Managing Life as a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Team Building
  • The Advantage and Importance of Empathy in Interpersonal Relationships
  • Productive Conflict Resolution
  • Tapping Into The Power of your Mind
  • Honoring The Grief Process
  • D/s Relationship Topics
  • and more.
Speaking engagements

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