Take your healing and empowerment to another level

with Chris M. Lyon

Transform your life - create what you dream of


Take your healing and empowerment to another level

with Chris M. Lyon

Transform your life - create what you dream of





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Have you found that:

  • You question yourself often, feeling like you're not good enough?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stuck holds you back from your true potential? 

  • You tolerate situations and relationships that you are not happy with?

  • You want more connection in a relationship? You regularly take time and effort to help others before you help yourself?

  • You worry what others think about your actions? You are often "hypervigilant" and dread what could happen?

  • Do you relate to most of these, and are ready to step into your healing and empowerment so you can live your life on your terms?

You may have struggled with high sensitivity and/or complex trauma without realizing it.

Now is your time!

Take a path to the life that you are meant to live

Ways that I can help you in your healing and empowerment journey - right now:

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Courses and Programs


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Courses and programs


Discussing relationships, complex trauma recovery, non-conventional mindsets, neurodiversity, intuition, creativity, and themes about healing, growth and empowerment.

highly sensitive leader

Hi, I'm Chris

I help people create new beliefs, mindsets and patterns so they can remove blocks and live an empowered life.

I'm highly intuitive, passionate and proactive in my work with:

  • Highly Sensitive People working on empowerment
  • Those recovering from Complex Trauma; so they can stop feeling "stuck"
  • Relationships: recovering from past ones, dating, new relationships, relationships in crisis
  • Leaders who are taking themselves to a new level - executives, managers, owners, entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm an intuitive Personal and Leadership Coach and a Relationship Author and Facilitator. I'm also a Board Certified Hypnotist; Certified in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health...and oh yeah, I'm in daily recovery from Complex Trauma. I live what I teach and coach.

For over 23 years, I've helped clients get results that make their lives better. I am often the last resort for relationships and conflict resolution.

Many of my clients are Highly Sensitive People, and/or people who are healing from Complex Trauma. I've been featured in various media and have an outreach to nearly 100,000 social media followers, in addition to my readers. 

I am proactive; many say they made years of progress, within weeks of working with me. I listen, validate and inspire with collaboration. I truly love my work and see the greatness in my amazing clients.

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A few client stories

Tam W.

"Through Chris' program I was able to make several breakthroughs. I was able to stop some destructive habits, connect with my inner child, and finally sleep better. Chris also helped me mentally process and work through what I wanted in a partner. I was able to seek and vet a partner that works perfectly for me. I have never been so happy or felt so loved. I fully without reservation recommend Chris' program for anyone who truly wants change in their lives. It is worth the work and the rewards are exceptional."

Rachel testimonial
Rachel C.

"When I started working with Chris, I was stuck in the wrong job and the wrong relationship, and both were affecting my health as an HSP. With her guidance, I was able to advocate for myself at work and move internally at my company to a job that's a much better fit...I was also able to transition out of my relationship and reclaim my sense of self. My entire life changed dramatically...I am more authentically *me* and more at peace with who I am than I have ever been...Chris has my undying gratitude and respect for all she has done and continues to do to help me improve myself and my life for the better, and the happier."

Rebecca E.

"In the space of three months, I’ve shifted my life perspective from surviving to thriving...My marriage has gotten closer and happier because of my shifts in perspective and communication. I’m finally writing the book I’ve been wanting to write for over ten years. I looked forward to every session, even when the work was hard or difficult. Chris made me feel safe and gave me confidence... her validation helped me see strengths and talents in me I hadn’t appreciated or tapped into until then, and her professionalism allowed me to dive deep into old programs to dismantle them."